Damian Hurley's Narnia dream

Damian Hurley's Narnia dream

Damian Hurley wants to star in a 'Chronicles of Narnia' remake.

The 'Royals' actor - who is the son of actress Elizabeth Hurley and her former boyfriend Steve Bing - was a big fan of the fantasy saga, which was based on the novels by C.S. Lewis and hopes he gets the chance to be in a new version of 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' or its sequels such as 'Prince Caspian' and 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'.

He said: "I've always loved 'The Chronicles of Narnia', so starring in a remake of that would be a dream come true.

"And 'Austin Powers' is my favourite of Mum's films; I watched it when I was really young and didn't realise how rude it was."

Damian, 16, has always joined his mother on set when she's been working and got as involved as he could.

He recalled to You magazine: "Everyone would spoil me. I knew all the actors' lines and would hide behind furniture and prompt them.

"I was even younger when my mother first went back to work and did a season of 'Gossip Girl' in New York.

"The director used to let me shout 'Action!' and 'Cut!' "

But it was still a shock to the system when 'Royals' bosses wrote the role of Prince Hansel from Liechtenstein - initially a cameo but now a recurring part - for him and he had to keep up with the demands of being a working actor.

He said: "I came back as Prince Hansel in season four and had scenes opposite the queen and the rest of the royal family. We were shooting 16-hour days over a swelteringly hot week, with Dame Joan Collins. It was memorable and hilarious - I hope I'm invited back."