Chris Hemsworth fears boredom

Chris Hemsworth fears boredom

Chris Hemsworth's greatest fear is "boredom".

The 'Bad Times at the El Royale' actor - who has daughter India, six, and four-year-old twin sons Sacha and Tristan with wife Elsa Pataky - believes his desire to always look for new things to capture his interest has helped drive him into his career.

Asked his biggest fear, he said: "Boredom. I think that's what drove me into this line of work.

"There's so much going on, different settings, different movements, different people. It keeps me interested."

The 35-year-old actor loves taking on work that scares him a little bit because it pushes him harder and makes his job more challenging.

Asked his ambitions for the future, he said: "I want to keep learning and exploring interesting stories and characters.

"I like being able to go into a project with a little bit of fear because it's that element of fear that pushes you harder."

But it isn't just the love of his work that drives Chris on, as the 'Thor' actor is keen to do what he can to have a "great future" with his family.

He added: "I also want to be a good husband and father to my children.

"I'm living the life I always dreamed of and I want to do everything I can to enjoy a great future with my family."

And Chris admitted his professional success has been far greater than he ever expected.

He added to Psychologies magazine: "In terms of work, a few years ago I would have settled for much less than I've been able to achieve - I never imagined getting to this point in my career.

"But now I see work as something I do for my family, so that they can all enjoy the advantages and benefits of whatever success I have."