Amber Heard felt superhuman

Amber Heard felt superhuman

Amber Heard felt "pretty superhuman" on the set of 'Aquaman'.

The 32-year-old actress really enjoyed the preparation for her role as Mera in the upcoming movie, even if it meant training six days a week.

She said: "After four and a half months of training six days a week, you feel pretty superhuman."

Whilst her co-star Jason Momoa added to Entertainment Tonight: "Your body is constantly working. You're doing judo, jiu-jitsu, fight choreography."

Meanwhile, Amber previously revealed she was delighted with her first encounter with her character, who joins Aquaman (Momoa) to help keep the peace between the seven seas and the surface world.

She recalled: "I remember the first scene I read in this comic and Mera and Aquaman... had just saved a town from some aquatic disaster, hurricane, or something of that effect, and as the townspeople or the civilians are picking up pieces of their life they look and they say, 'That's Aquaman!' and they look to Mera and they're like, 'Who are you? Is that Aquawoman?' And she stops what she's doing and she says, 'I'm not Aquawoman. I have my own name. My name is Mera.' and I was like, 'I can get behind that woman!'"

And when Amber was offered the role, she didn't expect a superhero movie would resonate with her "core principles" until the role of a "badass warrior queen" was pitched to her.

She explained: "They had me at sword and a crown. Zack Snyder and I spoke on the phone and I didn't really think a comic book [film] would be something that would be appropriate for me. I didn't really ... knowing nothing about the comic book world, knowing nothing about the universe, I didn't really have any reason to feel like that would resonate with my sensibilities or my core principles. I had a limited experience, limited exposure to women in that world and then ... he explained this badass, kickass warrior queen to me and I thought, again, sword and a crown? OK!"


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